Phytochem Referenzsubstanzen is partitioned in two Sections: Laboratory and Quality Management

Phytochem® started in 1995 as a independent company, which provides not available, high qualitative and full documented Reference Standards in the area of Natural Compounds. Therefore a specialized laboratory with all necessary apparatus and equipment was built up - the basic of this company until today.
According the forces from the authorities for higher safety in the medical area a further part was built up 1999 for Isolation and Characterization of Unknown Impurities.
Main focus of the work in our laboratory was and is the Production, Characterization, Analysis, Documentation and Validation of Reference Substances.
Within the expansion of Phytochem® in 2003 with an amplification and modernisation of the laboratory the new section Quality Management is integrated.
The focus of this QM-Section is Food, Functional Food, Dietary Products and Health.